Wednesday, April 22, 2009


How George W. Bush Celebrates Earth Day In His Retirement!

Click on artwork to enlarge - © 2007 by Mark Fredrickson/MAD Magazine

Mad cover from April, 2007

How utterly mad the civilIzation we've created looks now, at the end of the Petroleum Age, as we motor our gas-guzzlers around in climate-changing circles looking for more crap to consume at bargain prices from the crumbling icons of a corporate world model.

Governments print worthless paper as fast as they can in trying to bail out the failed institutions of an obsolete economic system. A self-destructive planet-killing system of mindless consumerism based on unlimited growth, while we descend into perpetual wars over the dwindling resources of a finite planet.

If we somehow succeed in resurrecting this comatose economy for a few more months, or years, gasoline will rocket back past $4 a gallon, and far beyond that, to bring the world to its knees once again.

Our entire culture is built upon cheap abundant energy, derived from oil, and the days of cheap abundant energy are over. Civilization has reached it's peak, the party is over!

This is very bad news for the 6.5 billion oil-dependents overpopulating the planet today, but our imminent decline might well be a breath of fresh air for any future life on Earth.

Click on comic to enlarge - © 2000 Tom Tomorrow


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Robin

Click on image to enlarge - © 2009 jim otterstrom

I've had such a good case of Spring Fever that I haven't felt like sitting at the computer but I figured I should at least put up a picture so people will know I'm still alive!

This Robin was in the same tree as the Flicker from the previous post. I took the picture about 10 days ago and used the same Photoshop technique on it.

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