Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Part Of The Food Chain?

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It's been a hard winter for Grandmother, Spirit Of The Garden, as she has had to accept what most of us deny, that she too is part of the food chain.

But it was no large carnivorous predator chomping on her face, it was one of the local Gray Squirrels. They regularly come into the garden to scrape needed calcium from the various animal skulls we have laying around but this one decided to try out grandmother.

I'm more concerned about the squirrel than I am about grandmother's disfigurement. I assumed she was made of plaster, but the gash on her face reveals what looks to be some sort of resin composite, and I doubt that would be real nourishing for any critter.

I made this photo yesterday afternoon, and, as you can see from the entry above it, today is a different kind of day.

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Blogger tansy said...

i love the statue. i've never seen one like it.

i'm sure mr. squirrel will realize that grandmother's wisdom is NOT edible and find his nourishment elsewhere.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Jim said...


That's what I'm hoping.

6:13 AM  
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