Friday, March 31, 2006

20th Century Crucifixion

20th Century Crucifixion
Click on image to enlarge - © 1977 & 2006 jim otterstrom

I took the photograph this image was made from in January of 1977. The location is on a ridge bordering Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles just above Dodger Stadium. The model's name is Janet and we are still friends today.

The photo has been altered in Photoshop and turned upside down for effect.

Here is a vulnerable human female, naked to the world, the weight of that world on her back, as gravity presses her up against the planet and the concrete slab, amidst the backdrop of smoggy sprawl that was Los Angeles 29 years ago.

When I made this image from my original photo a few years back I enhanced the color to suggest the heat of global warming.

The inspiration for this came from Salvadore Dali's 'Christ Of St. John Of The Cross' painting, where Jesus is suspended face down beneath a monolithic cross floating in the sky.

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