Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Waterfall, A Biologist, And A Dog...

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This photo was made on the way out of Spotted Owl territory this morning.

By now I'm familiar with this lovely waterfall and wanted to get a picture of it, while Dallas was more interested in getting a drink of water, and I think Doug was just humoring the both of us.

Doug Tempel is the biologist I assist on owl surveys, he's competent, committed, and conscientious in the performance of his job, and it's obvious that he loves this work.

What we found in common initially was that we shared a love of nature, but we've also become friends.

We share a very similar outlook on life, on politics and religion, we enjoy much of the same music, and we both love my dog, which, I think, is the only reason Doug let me take this photo, because Dallas would be in it too.

I can rarely keep up with Doug, he's a mountain goat (where I'm just an old goat) who's always several meters, if not miles, in front of me, but he appreciates my enthusiasm for the work, and at the same time, I do my best to catch up and be helpful.

The above three pictures show a few of the experiences we can share in a couple of hours, on any given night or morning, but I must say today was special.

In fact, we went out for breakfast in celebration of the owl triplets...

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