Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home Sweet Home Today...

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A view of Earth Home Garden photographed today at 11:A.M. as the sky darkens, and thunder rumbles all around, but no raindrops yet.

The tall plants on either side in the foreground are Humboldt Lilies, ready to bloom, with an Oregon Grape next to the one on the right. You can also make out the Giant Lupine by the rock and there are several Palmer's Penstemon way in the back.

Lots of Crimson Columbine, Indian Paintbrush, Blue Flax, Scarlet Penstemon are scattered throughout the picture but that dominant yellow/orange flower blooming here now is California Poppy.

Soon the deep red stalks of Eaton's Pentstemon will emerge above the fray while a profusion of lower growing electric-yellow Sulfur-Colored Buckwheat comes into its own, followed shortly by amazing purple clusters of Rose Sage flowers.

In the left backgound, behind the picket fence, is the chicken-house with the galvanized buckets hanging from it, and behind the picket fence in the right backgound is the vegetable garden.

On the right is deck our son Jimmy built for us 8 months before his accident. It runs the length of the house and then wraps around the front, effectively doubling the downstairs living space of our small cabin.

Another loud crash and the deluge begins. I hope it lasts awhile but I'd better get off the computer before the electrical storm fries everything.

I just now got a call from Doug, we'll be going out tonight for more Spotted Owl work.

Have a good day all...

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Blogger madcapmum said...

I LOVE what you've done with your plot. Lawn Begone! The Wildgrass Revolution Reigns!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love the natural look that you have created with your flower garden.

8:00 PM  

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