Friday, October 21, 2005

Olde Tyme Photo

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I hope you'll forgive me too Jamie for all the times I asked the family to dress or pose for pictures, or dragged you off every few years to Richard Millener's studio for another portrait.

I realize none of you were as enthusiastic about this as I was, but you usually humored me.

This olde time photo was meant to portray us as the opposite of ourselves, a rather strict orthodox pioneer family with very serious lives, in dramatic contrast with our free-spirited, fun-loving democratic lifestyle, and to greatly amuse our friends & family.

The irony is, that in hindsight, the portrait turns out to be a very realistic study of us.

While you're not likely to catch me toting a bible, there I am rule book in hand, projecting a moral obligation to enforce boundaries when neccesary, while your beautiful unwaveringly even-tempered mother towers tall behind the family embracing us in her determination to hold it all together by being there for everyone. Your brother already exhibiting his proud defiant independent streak stands, rifle in hand, ready to defend himself and his family from all-comers, while a lovely young Jamie with a huge heart and and a laughing spirit struggles once again to keep a straight face.

We may not have all the right answers but we've sure been giving it a damned good try and I treasure all the memories of my beautiful family and the life you've given me to cherish.

Thank you...

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