Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We, The People...

...Have Spoken

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Obama Collages by Charis Tsevis
Creative Commons Licensed
Something very beautiful just happened in America!
We mustered the largest voter turnout in nearly 100 years to elect the country's first African-American president by mounting a huge, truly modern, grassroots campaign funded primarily by average Americans like you and I.
An incredible 700 million dollars was raised online, mostly through small donations under $100.
From Earth Home Garden alone we raised nearly $1,000 of that total through our personal fundraising page at
It's a crying shame that this amount of money has to be spent to overcome the political influence of Corporatism but it's a reality of our times and an obviously fed-up populace rose to the occasion.
I vote in every election but I am rarely inspired by politicians and this is the first time I've done fundraising for one.
I'm proud to have been a small part of this historic moment and I truly hope Barack Obama can heal some of the mean-spiritedness which has dominated American politics and divided the country in recent decades.
The world is weary of greed, corruption and war, and perhaps President Obama can help restore some of the goodwill America once enjoyed in the international community.
We are also facing very difficult economic times, compounded by the problems of climate change, resource depletion, and increasing social unrest all over the globe.
It's time for diplomacy, dialogue, and responsible leadership to replace blind arrogance and callous brutality on the world stage. Time to share the fruits of democracy instead of pursuing a path of world domination through corporate sponsored tyranny.
And, if Barack Obama is to be a successful president, he will need all the support we can give him.
When Barack says we will all need to "sacrifice and work together", I hope people are listening, because there are very hard times ahead.
Remember, Barack Obama is not a saint, a savior, or a magician. He's just a man. An educated thoughtful man with the eloquence to inspire people. The man we chose to help us bring change to America.
No president will be able to effectively address the unprecedented challenges we face without a well-informed participatory and vigilant citizenry lending their voices.
And, at this time also, in this world of new possibilities, we might want to carefully and consistently be re-evaluating our needs while learning to live more sustainably and leave smaller footprints.
On this day of renewed optimism, my Hope is, that, with strong and thoughtful leadership, we can now begin to realize the magnitude of the Change we need to make as a society, and as individuals, in order to meet the challenges required for building a sustainable future.
Jim & Peg

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Blogger Linda Navroth said...

Over these last long months I kept one vision in my head: Obama standing bundled in an overcoat against the winter chill on the steps of the capital in January, taking the oath of office. I used that vision to inpsire friends and relatives whose enthusiam flagged and confidence waivered in the face of the ugly campaign run by the Republicans. I NEVER lost hope. I knew he would win. And I am proud to have cast my voted for the only man who has a prayer of setting us on the path to recovery: Barack Obama. We HAVE spoken. Yes We Can becomes Yes We Did!

Now we have a real shot at ending the war in Iraq, creating renewable and sustainable energy sources, reducing global warming, and putting people back to work. It's a long, long road ahead. But President Obama will lead us as we heal the many wounds that the Bush Administration have inflicted on our country. So when President Obama asks you to help, as he did so many times during the election, be there to say YES I WILL.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Well said Linda!

Yes We Did, and Yes, We Will...

6:51 AM  
Blogger susan said...

I apologize for having waited so long to come by and offer my personal congratulations on this win. It was people with faith like the two of you who really made this happen. I did vote for him but was on the fence as to his chances of actually winning. My husband and I have both shed tears of joy and relief. Just wanted to let you both know :-)

4:44 PM  
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