Friday, April 01, 2005

Our Blue Skies Initiative!

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Peggy and I have finally realized that America's love affair with humongous personal vehicles is actually a subconscious form of ecological responsibility.

Somewhere, deep in the wrinkles of our massive superior brains, we humans realize that the sooner we use up all this #$)@&*! oil, the better off the other living things of earth will be.

No more oil wars and no more welfare subsidies for Exxon, Shell, Texaco and the rest of them poor fellers, 'cause they'll be outta business, and no more smog or global warming!

So we decided to do our part too, and went out & bought ourselves a nice little used pick-up today (see photo).

Hope y'all like it!

Now I'll only have to drive to the liquor store once a decade on my Budweiser run, which means no more football game interruptions for me!

And come next Superbowl I won't hafta worry 'bout missin' something as mind-blowin' as Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" either!


I gotta find a nice red, white & blue flag decal (click on them colors) for the pick-up though, and maybe one of them cute chrome plastic fishies with the shark teeth thats' a gobblin' up a stupid Darwin fish what has sprouted legs.

A hole bunch of us oughtta be out celebratin' today

Happy April Fool's Day!

And please forgive my sarcasm as I mourn the probable future of the ANWR.

Click on the blue highlighted links in the text below for more info on this subject.

As we prepare to tear up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge in search of a few months worth of oil while our government laughs at the idea of conservation, giving tax breaks to those who buy Hummers, and while paying for the Iraq war is fresh on our minds, I'd like you to see the, all new for 2005, 21 foot long 9 foot tall 'Pick-Up Truck' from International Harvester .

If the arrogance and greed of our present Oiligarchy irritates you, and you'd like to add your 2-cents worth in trying to keep the ANWR intact click here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Nice! I love your argument for useing up the oil to get it over with. I'll add that to my list of fun arguments which currently includes "Con artists are just like lions: Trimming the sick and weak to keep the herd healthy" and others.

8:50 PM  
Blogger whollyman said...

Jim, Like the T-ruck, dude! You gonna put a gun rack in the back winda?

12:28 PM  
Blogger Jim said...


It came already equipped with a rocket launcher!

2:32 PM  

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