Monday, June 07, 2010

Yesterday's Iris Revisited

~Wild Blue Iris~
Click on image to enlarge - © 2010 jim otterstrom

To fully appreciate the detail plus size the enlarged image

In yesterday's post I implied that I could've happily spent more time with this lovely flower, so I spent another hour or so caught in its beauty this morning as I created this digitally painted graphic image from my photograph.

This new image has a taste of Georgia O'Keefe inspired eroticism, dramatic light & saturated color reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish, and elements of my own surrealistic leanings in the texturing of the flower and the suspending of it in blackness.

An artsy-fartsy hodgepodge, but it works for me...

Created with a Canon S10IS camera and Photoshop CS3

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