Friday, October 07, 2005

A Morning Hike

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Peggy and I went up to explore this picturesque little waterfall alongside the Santa Ana River Trail at about 7 A.M. on our well-deserved hike today.
Sunrise was at 6:47 so it was still quite dark down in this canyon and I had to use a flash to get this picture.
The heavy snows of last winter and our wonderful monsoon summer have kept even some of the smaller tributaries of the Santa Ana River flowing nicely for this late in the season.
Just the sound of falling water refreshes the spirit...
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Blogger Spider Girl said...

There's something so beautiful about Nature early in the morning, isn't there.

Thanks for the compliment on my spider web photo--as you can see from my name I'm rather fond of spiders, especially garden spiders.

I bookmarked your blog after reading your profile. Your lifestyle is something that I respect very much although I'm not yet there myself--anyone living purposefully car-free and organically in this day and age deserves EVERYONE'S respect.

7:29 PM  

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