Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Roosternator!

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Big Bad Arnold in the chicken yard today just waiting for me to make one wrong move!
I've had some roosters in my time but never one like him.
Arnold stands over a foot and a half tall with 2 1/2" spurs on his legs (more like curved bayonets).
He was given to us by the owner of the local feed store where someone had abandoned him in a cage on the front stoop early one morning.
For the first couple of days Arnold seemed docile enough, but on the third day when I went in to collect eggs (in my shorts) he came up behind me and buried one of those spurs about a half inch into my calf.
Luckily, I had the galvanized lid to the feed bucket in my hand and smacked him out of startled reaction.
I hit him so hard I was afraid I'd killed him, but he just bounced off the chicken wire fence, coming back at me like Mike Tyson.
I backed out of there real quick, with blood spurting from my leg and protecting myself with the can lid, which is now so dented it looks like it was shot up with a pellet gun because of Arnolds rapid fire spurring.
When he charges you the feathers on his neck stand straight out like a 12" dinner plate and you can see fire in his eyes!
We had to rig up a system of gates just so we can safely collect the eggs after Arnold goes out into the chicken yard.
I'll feel sorry for any chicken thieving critter that gets caught in the coop with Arnold!
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Blogger Herbinator said...

A barred rock? I know just what you mean. It used to piss me off that the roosters would never realy turn friendly ... until one morning I found a bloodied and battered rooster in the roost. He had successfully defended the hens from a weasel (or something). After that I just viewed him as an athlete.

5:11 PM  
Blogger javaseeker said...

That's awesome (sorry for you, though). Growing up I had a rooster with 2" spurs. Never attacked me, but anytime he'd start getting mad and worked up, he would trip over his spurs and fall flat on his face! Hilarious to see!

10:11 PM  
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Blogger Esraa Abbas said...

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