Saturday, March 19, 2005

Seana's First Basket

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Just over a month ago our friend Seana came to visit bearing gifts and a bottle of wine.
She was to spend a few days with us while she did her volunteer work with the adaptive ski program here where she helps disabled people learn to ski.
She also wanted to learn pine-needle basketry so her first night here we prepared the needles, the kitchen table became the craft table, the wine was opened and we went to work.
Seana took to it automatically, she's twice as fast at stitching as I am, and made great progress that night.
Way past midnight when the wine was gone and we were fading Seana was well up the sides of her basket.
When she left for home the project was maybe 20% completed and I wondered if she'd stick with it.
This is a very busy single mom, a fireball of energy who is always on the go, and I tried to imagine her sitting at home stitching a basket together.
Well, as you can see, she not only found the time & patience to finish it beautifully, but she's already started another, and the world is now a richer more interesting place with the addition of one more basket weaver. Posted by Hello

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Blogger Life Is Good said...

Fabulous! I love that your friend has found a way to slow down and focus her energy into one thing, kind of like a meditating is what comes to mind.

4:10 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

That's how I feel about making these too, it really is meditative for me, and a constructive form of relaxation.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous dawn said...

OK, I have a bottle of wine and I am waiting for the next pine needle basket weaving class. Let me know!

9:47 PM  

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