Thursday, March 10, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Our little cabin at 4:30 this afternoon after another warm day in the sun.
Note the mini-glaciers in front of the porch (they are solid ice). We are looking from the north across a small part of the native plant habitat. The young tree in the foreground is a White Fir. What you see here is about one fifth of the habitat. Our small lot is 75' wide (about 3 times the width of the cabin) and 100 feet deep. After we finish moving fences this spring (for the vegetable garden expansion), the greenhouse, veggies, and chickens will cover the rear 26' of our yard 75 feet across. So about 25% of the groundspace will be devoted to growing food, and the rest (aside from our house), will be for the use of native plants and wildlife. Posted by Hello

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