Monday, October 30, 2006

Mom's 'Little' House On The Prairie

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At 81, my mother is still doing things in a big way.
She sold her house in the San Fernando Valley last year and bought this 5 bedroom house (I lost count of the bathrooms) on two acres in the Bear River Valley of Utah.
When I asked her at the time, if maybe at her age, she might consider downsizing a bit, she snapped back, "Hell no, I'm finally going to have a place to put all my stuff!". Mom used to own an antique store and she does have lots of stuff...
...and now she has an orchard, a donkey, a goat, and a new John Deere lawn tractor so she can mow that big lawn. With all this stuff to keep her busy I think she'll probably outlive me.
The Bear River Valley is beautiful farm country where mom has dozens of kind and caring relatives within a few mile radius, including her sister Mary, and my uncle Chuck, who has done a good deal of remodeling and repairs to the house.

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