Monday, August 08, 2005

Thunderstorms & Wildflowers...

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Rose Sage (Salvia pachyphylla), a super fragrant sage (suitable for culinary purposes) blooms in a wet and lush Earth Home Garden with Sulfur Buckwheat in the background.
The continuing thundershowers in today's forecast are very welcome here after nearly seven years of drought.
Our past winter broke the drought as the third wettest year in recorded history with 77.12 inches total precipitation for the season.
The record years were 1884, with 94.10 inches, and 1889 with 87.35 inches.
The official rainfall for this season stands at 2.12 inches so far, more than double the average for this early in the year, but rainfall varies widely throughout Big Bear Valley, and here at our place we've had somewhere between 4 & 6 inches since late July (we need to get an accurate rain gauge, our wheelbarrows, wagons and buckets only give us a ballpark guesstimate).
It has rained nearly every day for the past two weeks, in fact rain is beginning to fall right now.
Just a beautiful mountain summer! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I am looking for a place to buy some seeds for the Rose Sage. Do you sell seeds or know where I might get some? Maybe 10 or 15 seeds would be what I am looking for.
I recently moved from the San Bernardino Mountains and really miss the beauty.
Thank you Donna

9:46 AM  

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