Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Big Bear Lake 6:43 A.M.

Fog lifting off Big Bear Lake this morning. Several White Pelicans swam by us a few minutes before this picture was taken but it was still too dark & foggy to get a shot of them. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous buy essays said...

The lake is by all accounts drying out like most zones in CA. We went to a little shoreline zone to get to the water and it was truly cloudy and grimy. My proposal is wear water shoes. I waded a brief time in the wake of taking my shoes off and ventured on an angling snare and one of the children found another snare along the shore. Shockingly when you lease a pontoon to go out onto the lake, you are not permitted to swim from generally water crafts. The children had an incredible time swimming and the climate was sufficiently decent to appreciate a bicycle ride around the lake. In any case, swimming is sketchy. Would presumably search for another spot advancing to relax with the family.

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